Brother Sister Incest Fucking Story
It was Saturday morning. Friday Sarah took off from school. At first I thought of doing the same, but decided that she wanted space. I must admit I was a little nervous going to school, I didn't really know if Jason knew what hit him, but turns out he wasn't even there. He was arrested for indecent exposure and was serving 24hrs in lockup. He refused to say why he was naked, so they booked him. There was nothing about an assault. Looks like I was in the clear.

So, Saturday morning. Mum was at work and Dad was at some conference thingy for a few days. I made myself some toast and was about to sit down when I was suddenly pushed onto the couch.

"You got to have your little speech a while back, and so here goes mine. I hate Jason. Not just now, but always. I was only dating him because I thought it might make you hate me, and not love me. But, truth is, I WANTED to love Jason. Or even like him. I wanted to be with someone that wasn't anything like you. I didn't want to be reminded of you in any way. But being with Jason only made me long for what I see in you. After what you told me before. I was shocked. Not so much for the fact my 'brother' said it, but of what you said. I've never been told that before. I knew your sincerity and, frankly, I could see your love for me."

"I felt awkward and hated it because I knew that you, my own damn brother, probably loved me more than anyone in the world. Do you understand what I'm saying? Of all the guys I've known, you, MY BROTHER, is the first that's truly loved me! And you, you little shit, were making me feel the same way about you. We're brother and sister! Do you have any idea what that means? It means that the entire world thinks we're fucking nuts. We probably are. But you're kind to me. You don't lie. You don't mince words and you treat me with respect, well most of the time. You love me and... and I love you. You've gone and fucked both our lives you little shit because you've gone and made me fall in love with you."

And then she jumped on me and kissed me so passionately I was getting ready to wake up. For once, it was me that was left speechless. This was unexpected. This was unexpected and great. This was unexpected, great, and awkward. Brother and sister, in love with each other. I wanted to tell her that I did still love her and frankly wanted to be with her forever but I didn't know how this would ever work. I wanted to tell her that I'm sorry that she had all that time with Jason and that I wish she just told me damn it.

All I managed was "erp" before I had her tongue thrust down my throat again.

"Kyle. For once in your horny little life let's not fuck around with words. I wasn't sleeping with Jason and unlike you I don't masturbate 100 times a day, so when I say right now that I want you to come with me, I fully mean the double entendre."

I was living a dream. I must be. I was in love with a girl, who was in love with me. She was hot, very hot. And she wanted to fuck my brains out. Granted she was my sister, but there are just some things you overlook. She took the lead and I gave chase up the stairs after her. She was only a few steps in front of me but she must have been unbuttoning on her way. By the time I hit her bedroom, she was already walking out of her skirt and in the same motion taking off her top. I wasted no time in getting my gear off, until I got to my boxers. That's when I stopped. Sarah noticed.

"What's wrong? "

"You realise what we're about to do. You realise everything this entails."

"Don't you want to?" she queried, almost puzzled.

"More than anything. But, take a second to think about it."

Did I really say that? Was I out of my mind? My brain was overriding my penis and damn was my penis pissed! Hot naked chick ready to fuck! Think later fuck now! But still, the brain was in gear.

"Sarah. I love you more than anything and I'm pretty sure you know I think you're the sexiest thing on legs. So believe me I really, really, want to have sex right now. But have you thought about this. What happens tomorrow, or the next day. How do we hide this, how do we keep this going? I'm standing here about to lose my virginity to my sister, and I probably should give that at least more than 10seconds thought."

"You're a virgin little Kyle?"

"Um. Yeah. I've been single since I was 12 when I got dumped for a kid with better Pokémon cards."

"Look. I hope this lasts forever, but if it doesn't lets end it nicely. Hiding it will be hard, but I'm sure we'll manage. We keep it going by holding onto the feelings we have for each other. And if you're a virgin than I'm on top, just lie back."

She walked in front of me, staring in my eyes. She kept staring in my eyes as she knelt and pulled my boxers down.

"Hello little one. Haven't seen you in a while," she giggled.

"You know, it's considered bad form to call a guys appendage a 'little one'."

"I give it about 2mins tops before it loses its current size and is a 'little one'."

I laughed. It relaxed me. I laid on the bed, erection sticking straight up. I closed my eyes and tried to remain calm. Sarah put a warm, saliva lubricated, hand around me and started to masturbate me. The feelings and the knowledge of what was happening almost pushed me over the edge straight away.

"Open your eyes. Don't fantasise about me, look at the reality."

She was right. I opened my eyes and watched her, now naked form, slowly masturbate me. Her skin had the unmistakeable swimming suit tan and it only served to accentuate all her wondrous pink bits. Completely waxed, nothing was left to the imagination. It was all there. She continued to wank me, slowly and steadily, whilst I watched her. At that moment I didn't even see her as my sister. Nor did I see her as "that hot chick" I used to. I saw her as Sarah, the girl I loved. She looked at me, and I smiled at her.

She stopped and then knelt above me. She had her left hand holding me straight whilst her right hand was on the bed for stability. Slowly my dick touched her vagina. It wasn't anything like I expected. It was hotter, tighter, and wetter. I tried to remain focused and calm for fear of cumming there and then. I wanted to last as long as I could. Slowly she kept pushing down, taking me in. She was sliding on and I thought that this was the best it could get. Then finally, after what seemed an eternity, she bottomed out. Her vulva resting on my pelvis, my dick safely snug inside.

"Attention ground staff, we have incest."

I didn't even register at first what she said. It was a delayed reaction. When it triggered, I laughed. The act of laughing caused a few pelvic thrusts and within about the first 2 we were off. I slowed down almost to a stop and let Sarah do the hard work. She knew what she was doing anyway.

It was, really, pretty average sex. Simply thrusting. For a virgin though it felt godly. My eyes were darting from watching my dick disappearing into her, to her breasts bouncing up and down like an erotic lava lamp, to her beautiful face that was forever watching my own.

It was so odd. So many feelings and emotions. Lust, love, breasts, Sarah, breasts, pussy, that god awful noise 'fwap fwap' as we collided, back to the breasts again. In the end though, whilst it may be 'gay' to admit it, it was actually her face I ended up watching. I was watching it as she concentrated on her balance as she fucked me. Watching her eyes as I could feel the moment coming. It was only moments, but moments I will always cherish.

We argue now over the time. I say it was at least two minutes. She says it was barely one. Either way, delicious cunt gripping my dick in a way no hand can, and just the whole experience came to a halt a short time later. I came, not for the first time, and not for the last, inside my sister.
Sarah slid off me, turned and lay down next to me. I panted a little, leaned over and kissed her briefly, then cuddled her in a spooning position. No words were spoken as we lay and relished in the moment. Time passed. Sarah was first to speak.

"This is going to be some adventure. Going to have to keep it secret, we're going to have to act like brother and sister still."

"Act? But you are still my sister. If I don't get to keep teasing you, calling you names, and piss you off than I don't think this'll work at all."

She laughed and jokingly slapped me, "Don't be a dick you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I do," I said more seriously.

I rolled onto my back started thinking about all the issues that may arise. Parents, school, friends. All would have to not only be in the dark, but suspect nothing. Luckily, most people don't think of a brother and sister as being incestuous as a general rule, but even still.

"I'm going to have a quick shower, you go make us some breakfast."

"You know I did have toast made before you pushed me over!" I teased.

"Oh I'm sorry I thought having sex with me would have been a priority over peanut butter toast. I guess I know now," she torted back.

She smiled at me again and went into the bathroom. It's funny how we seem to have a blended roll now. She just was making a joke at me like she always would have as my sister (from before the V10 at least), but the joke included 'having sex with me'. What a strange relationship this will be.

I got up, dressed, and went downstairs to the kitchen. My toast had gone cold so I threw that out and cooked some bacon and eggs with fresh toast. I was just plating up when Sarah walked down in her bathrobe. We ate breakfast and talked more or less like we would have months ago. Sarah was 'back' like she was from before any of this had started. I had gained a sister and a girlfriend all in one.

"Hmmm. Come on finish up and follow me", Sarah said, mopping the last of her egg up with some toast.

"Eh?" I asked, confused.

"You came. I didn't. My turn." She said matter of factly.

I didn't need another prompt. I swallowed what I was chewing on and faster than *The Flash* tidied up the kitchen; then went back upstairs. I walked in her bedroom and she was already lying on the bed, but it was the way she was lying that made it clear what was about to happen. She was at the end of the bed, legs over the end, with her crotch right at the edge. She'd also placed a large pillow on the ground, assumingly for me to kneel on.

"Ahh... Sarah... I..."

"Yeah" she replied half-heartily.

She seemed more focused on untying her bathrobe. She was clearly having trouble with the knot so I went over and helped.

"Can't believe I knotted my robe" she was mumbling.

I managed to undo the knot and opened her bathrobe. From my perspective, it was like a great birthday present or something. I was staring at her again without realising it.

"Hey earth to Kyle" she snapped her fingers at me.

"Oh sorry. I um... Sarah, I've never done this before"

"What? Stared without blinking at your naked sister lying on the bed in front of you waiting for your touch?"

"Ahh yeah that too. I mean, I've never well, gone down on someone."

"Yeah, being a virgin, I guessed as much." She quipped. "It's ok I'll tell you what to do. It's something you just have to practice at, practice a lot"

I realised now looking back she meant that as a joke, but at the time I just agreed with her. I walked around to the end of the bed and looked at my Everest. Sarah already had a hand at her pussy and was gently slapping her lips, lightly pulling on them.

"Ok hopefully you know enough from the porn you watch to have a basic idea. We'll keep it simple. You need to do three things. The first is pinch the top of my pussy like this..."

She grabbed the top of her lips and her clitoral hood.

"...and then just pull it back and forward, sort of like how you jerk off."

She continued doing this for a few moments so I had a good idea.

"Then put your fingers in me, and push down and relax rhythmically. You don't have pull 'em out, just leave them in and push down and relax".

She reached her left hand around under her left leg, which she raised, and inserted two fingers in, again demonstrating what she said. Press down, wait, release, wait. The way she had her leg up in the air and bent looked rather awkward and it didn't surprise me when she soon pulled her fingers out and stopped. She was still jerking the top of her pussy though.

"Then, when you're ready, I want you to suck on my clit. You see it?"

She stopped 'jerking' and now pulled up and back on the outside of her pussy, exposing the top of her clit.

"All you have to do is just suck on it. You ready?" she asked.

'No' I thought. "Yes" I said.

I knelt onto the pillow. The first thing that struck me was the aroma. It wasn't like I had imagined. I always thought it would smell, well, a bit like cum. It was a lot sweeter than that. I could see the white fingerprint marks in the pink of her engorged pussy, left where she had been grabbing. I took hold in the same place and started to repeat what she had. She reached down with her right hand, placed it over mine, and squeezed harder. I got the message and really pinched quite hard. Then I started pulling up and down on it all. At once I felt her clit pop out of her clitoral hood and then pop back in. I didn't realise how incredibly similar it was to how a guy masturbates, only on a much smaller scale.

"Ohh... yeah... just like that"

A response, and a confidence builder. Whatever I was doing, I was doing it right so far. I licked two fingers and then slowly pushed into her now flaming hot pussy. The licking was virtually redundant. She was wet! I thought she was before when we had sex, but this was on an entirely different level. I did like she asked, and after I had my two fingers in I started pressing down rhythmically. Press 2 3 4 5 release 2 3 4 5. I noticed whenever I pressed down she would tighten up her pussy herself.

"Yes... that.. keep doing... ahhh".

I looked up at her. She was playing with her breasts and nipples. Squeezing them and pinching them. I turned my attention back to her pussy. It was a simple task, really, and rhythmic. I kept at it for a minute or two until I felt ready to take the next step. I pulled up and back on her pussy to reveal her clit head. It had popped out just like before, only now I had direct access to it, with her lips stretched. I lowered my mouth to her pussy and started to suck on her clit.

"Oww.. too much Kyle, back it off a..."

I lowered how hard I was sucking.

"..yeah like that... that's... ohhh".

Sarah continued to moan and gasp, and even giggle. I kept sucking and doing my presses. I didn't feel like I was actually doing much, and fought the temptation to "pile drive" my fingers into her. Instead, I decided to try something else, and started to flick my tongue across the top of her clit.

"Ahhh.. oh... god.. yeaahhh".

Good response I suppose. Suck, flick, press down. Moan. I was now on autopilot. Pretty soon Sarah started to gyrate her hips. I kept as still as I could and let her work herself, and her pussy, around my face and fingers.

"Oh... fuck... I'm...".

I didn't even know about the pussy contractions. Her vagina became like a vice. Opening and closing around my fingers. Her back arched of the bed like she was possessed by the devil. She was outright screaming now. I just kept doing what I was doing, not knowing if I should stop. Her pussy had stopped the major contractions but was now quivering. I felt a hand reach down onto my head and gently pull me away.

"You (pant) you can (pant) stop now."

"Was it good?" I half asked, half joked.

She didn't even respond. She put a hand back to her pussy and gently stroked the outside of it. I stood up and got onto the bed next to her. She still had her eyes closed, one hand between her legs, the other still playing with her breasts. Her face was flushed and she had a smile that I'd never seen before. It was wry, sultry, post-orgasmic. I felt proud that I had done a good job. When she finally opened her eyes to look at me her smile changed yet again. It became almost evil, a sarcastic "I know something you don't" type smile. She rolled over onto me, which was slightly painful as she bent my now returned erection. She than started to slid her way down my body. It didn't take a genius to work out what was coming.

I closed my eyes and thought about everything so far. I remembered the fear that I had with my permanent erection and how Sarah and I were arch enemies for a while. I felt her hand start to masturbate me, her lips touching the head of my penis, her tongue flicking across the jap eye. I thought of the first time she did this, how angry she was at the time, but did it none the less. I opened my eyes and looked down at her, and saw her look back at me. She 'smiled' with her eyes, raising her eyebrows in a way to show 'I'm happy'. I closed my eyes again and fantasised more. I remembered the striptease she did in the bathroom. Her undressing to go skinny dipping. I remembered her swimming in the water, the water flowing off her curves, her breasts, over those erect nipples.

Sarah only had the very head of my penis in her mouth, and was constantly sucking to keep a vacuum effect on the head. She was steadily, but not rapidly, masturbating me. I thought about some of her swimming videos, how she looked in a swimsuit. I remembered how awkward I felt the first time I realised I found my sister attractive. How I tried to 'undo' it, how angry I felt about it.

Sarah was now taking me fully into her mouth. She'd deep throat me, then flick her tongue across my balls, pull back and lick my head. My fantasising sped up as I neared my orgasm, jump cutting from different situations and events, but always staying on Sarah. I remembered the way she looked when she was dressed up for her end of high school dinner. The formal attire that was classy, but still hot. I thought of the way she looked when I untied her bathrobe before, I remembered the way she felt when we were having sex. My balls tightened and penis jerked. I came and, as before, Sarah kept sucking on the end of my penis the entire time. She gave me a few seconds to come down from the high.

"What were you thinking about?" she asked me.

"You." I replied.

The last thing I saw before I fell asleep was her smiling at me once again, this time a smile of love.

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