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Oh cruel fate. Why did she have to be so unobtainable for me? The object of my greatest desire and yet unreachable. If circumstances were different, maybe I could have her. But as life goes, she was forever beyond my reach. A face of an angel, with lovely blonde locks. A body of ultimate enticement. Full, luscious breasts and a stomach toned to perfection.

A butt so finely sculpted, round as the moon and so divinely firm. Legs like satin and a voice like a siren. Lips so kissable and soft. She had it all, and I had desired her for years. She was my object of true affection and lust. I wanted her more than any other woman. Why was she so out of my reach? Why, oh why, did she have to be my mother?

Yes, my greatest desire was my mother, the woman who birthed me. I know it's common for many young men to desire their moms, but not often a girl like me. As a young lesbian, no woman was more attractive and desirable to me than my mom. She is my most prominent sexual fantasy. 

It did not just happen, like one day I caught her naked, or undressing. No, I desired her since I first felt the stirrings of sexual desire, though that was later for me than most. That was how I knew I was gay. She knows I am. I came out to her when I was eighteen. She did not get angry. She loved me still. After I told her, crying in shame, she hugged me and told me it changed nothing. I was still her daughter. Being gay made little difference.

No one stirred my lusts like my mother. Whenever she wore anything that enhanced her already enticing figure, I grew so wet. I wanted her, all of her. I wanted to kiss those lips. I wanted to squeeze, hold, kiss and suck those delightful tits. I wanted to fondle and grope all over her sleek butt, and I wished so deeply to taste her most secret treasure. 

Many a night, I fell asleep dreaming of such intimate and sensual encounters with her. It was my life goal to run my hands through her sensuous locks, to look her lovingly in the eyes, to smell her wonderful fragrances, to rub her back and make her feel like no other could. Oh mother, why must you tempt me so? 

If only, if only, I could just get my hands upon you, to feel you in a way no daughter should ever feel her mother. It was when I was nearing twenty, I figured out a great way to finally, in some way, fulfill my fantasy.

At that time, I was studying to become a masseuse. It was in therapeutic massage, mainly for physical therapy. That was when I got an idea. Mom came home from work every evening tired and sore. I bet she would love to get a professional massage for her sore muscles. If I did it right, I could probably get her to agree to do it naked. I might finally have the chance to see and feel all over my mother's enticing body. 

I know the odds were long, and a massage was probably as far as it would go, but I had to try. I had to see her naked. I HAD to feel that body. To finally touch the object of my greatest desire, the chance was too enticing not to take. It might be all I got from her, but it would probably be enough. If I played my cards right, I could finally hold the object of my most hidden desires the way I wanted. Over the weeks, I formulated my seduction. I would have her, if only in a small way. For one night, for a brief time, she'd be mine.

On a Friday night, as she came home after a long day of work, I put my plan into action. When she first arrived, I acted as I had every other week when her weekend began. We ate dinner, we had our personal time apart, but later that night, during our weekly movie night, I found the perfect opening. I don't ever remember the movie. Just the events that led me to a place I would never forget. As the movie rolled on, I noticed mom often cricking her neck, rubbing her thighs, or stretching her back. My heart jumped. Here was my chance. She was tired and sore, a massage was just what she needed. I silently thanked the powers above for my perfect opening. As she stretched again, I made my move.

"Mom, are you okay?" I asked her. She turned and looked at me, smiling her pretty smile that always melted my heart. "I'm fine, Dana. I'm just sore from the work week. You would think being a receptionist would be an easy job, but I assure you it's not. The chairs they give us are so uncomfortable and I'm on my feet too much." I smiled upon hearing this. I could help her now, and it came with a bonus for me. Casually, I made my first move. "You know mom, I am training to be a massage therapist. Maybe I could practice some with you. You could get a nice, semi-professional massage, and I could improve my skills." 

I was anxious as I said this. Would she go for it? I hoped beyond hope she would. She looked away for some time, maybe contemplating my offer. The tension in the room was crushing me. I was just about to rescind, when she said what I hoped to hear. "You know what sweetie, I think I'll take you up on that. It would be very nice." I smiled, nearly bursting with joy. It was going to happen. I would have her.

The movie forgotten, we switched it off and I told her I'd meet her in her room. I went to mine to gather my supplies. A few towels, some candles and a small cd player. I did not have any oils. The types of massages I gave normally did not call for them. I did not mind. I wanted nothing between my hands and her body. I wanted to really feel her. I carried them to her room, anticipation filling my very being. 

With trepidation, I pushed open the door to her room. She was standing next to her bed, her bedside lamp the only light on in the room. It was directly behind her, covering her body with a heavenly light. My knees grew weak. Mustering all my strength, I walked to the bed and laid both of the larger towels down for her to lay on. I left the third smaller one folded neatly on top. I set the candles down and lit them, then covered her lamp with a cloth, bathing the room in a dim, soft light. She tilted her head in confusion at my actions. After I plugged in the music, I turned to face her. "It's all to set the mood, mom. The more relaxed the setting, the more effective your massage will be." She nodded her head and I prepared myself for my next request. This was it. This was what would make or break this whole setup.

"Now mom, I know this is a little strange for me to ask, but I will need you to take off your clothes." She looked at me puzzled. I answered before she could ask. "If you want the most effective massage, I need to apply technique right to your skin. Your clothes could hamper the effectiveness." She took a moment, wondering if she should agree. I was hoping she would, waiting with bated breath. Finally, she looked at me and agreed. "Okay dear, but for now, could you turn around while I undress." I was a little disappointed at her request, but I agreed. 

There would be more chances later. More chances to see that glorious body in all its natural splendor. I turned away, and closed my eyes. As soon as my back was turned, I heard the whisk of her shirt leaving her body, then the slither of her pants gliding down her legs. Those sounds alone started me up, my lips starting to moisten. Soon, I heard a faint piff as her bra hit the floor, then a quiet, faint slip as she removed her panties. I was shaking now, knowing that right behind me stood my delicious, naked mom. I heard the creak of her bed springs as she lay upon it, then a delicious, soft scratch as she placed the smaller towel on her. "Okay Dana, you can turn around now." Her words were like sweet honey. I turned to face her, now greeted by the sight of my mom's bare back. My breath caught. The smoothness of her skin inciting my lusts.

Carefully and casually, I crawled onto the bed and above her. I set myself down right on her, my jean covered bum seated right on her butt, my legs straddling her sides. Her bed was too wide for me to just stand at the side. Perfect. My heart was pounding so hard in my chest right now. The object of my greatest desires, lying here beneath me, naked and other than a white towel over her wonderful butt, completely uncovered. At her sides I could see the beginnings of the slopes of her breasts, her hair covering her face as she lay her head in her arms. I almost pinched myself, this had to be a dream. But I knew it was not. My mother, my fantasy woman, was here with me, naked and ready to be touched by my hands. It was everything I had dreamed of. I would finally have her in my hands. I could finally touch her as I had always wanted to. "Oh mom, you have no idea how happy I am right now." I thought. I took a deep breath to steady myself. I took one final look at her, then I set to work. This was it, my greatest fantasy was to become reality.

I started in the most innocent place possible. To calm her down, allay her anxiety, I started with stroking her hair. It was a tiny detail, but I knew the small pleasure that came from this would make her begin to enjoy what I was doing. Her hair felt so sensual in my hands. Smooth, free and luxurious. Over and over again, I ran my hands through those beautiful tresses, from her scalp to the ends. As I stroked, her breathing smoothed out, and I knew I had begun to relax her. I moved from her hair over her temples, releasing all her mental stress. "Ahhhh." She breathed, feeling more and more relaxed. I had only begun my sensual worship of my long held crush, but already I was in heaven. I had to have more of her, and I traced down to her neck. With a light pressure, I kneaded her neck and shoulders. Her skin was so soft. I could get lost in it. Each trace over her with my fingers was magic. I could feel her beneath me, becoming more receptive to my touch. 

I then moved down to her back. I know there is little that is sexy about a woman's bare back, but feeling mom's skin beneath my hands, tracing my hands and fingers over that span of her body was delightful. I rubbed, I caressed, and I kneaded. As I released her pent up stress, I could hear soft gasps of delight come from her lips. Lower and lower I went, inching ever closer to that delightful derriere hidden from me by just a piece of cloth. Once I began on the small of her back, a happy yip was heard from her. She was putty in my hands now, and with a little hesitation, I moved lower, ready to remove that towel and at last feel her butt in my hands.

"I'm going to take off the towel now, mom." I told her, trying my best to hide my excitement. "Okay, honey." She breathed lightly. My fingers trembled as I gripped the top of the towel and slowly removed it from her, revealing inch after inch of her wondrous butt. Once it was gone, I had to stifle a gasp. Here now, in front of me, was the ass I had longed to hold. I once again put my hands to her body, and my pussy began leaking as I gripped those cheeks. Smooth and firm, a true treasure to hold. I fought hard with my temptation. 

I wanted to just lean down and kiss each of those firm cheeks. I wanted to lick and bite them. My lips pulsed with need, but I had to resist. It was a struggle, but I held out. Over and over I kneaded and caressed those globes. As I rolled them in my hands, the separated enough for me to see her forbidden hole. So clean and tempting, I wanted to bury my face in her ass and lick it. It looked so tasty. As I massaged her ass, moans could be heard from my sexy mom. "Ohhh, Dana, this feels so lovely." I heard the excitement in her voice. She was turned on. I knew for sure a moment later, as my thumbs touched the bottom of her quim, and I felt the unmistakable feeling of wetness. I shuddered, and prayed mom did not sense that. I had just touched my birthplace, though lightly, and it was paradise.

I wanted to stay like that, just sitting her feeling and massaging mom's butt, but I knew I had to move on. I began to massage her thighs. "Open your legs a bit, mom, so I can get all your thigh muscles." She obeyed without a thought, and though a limited view, I now could see so much more of my mother's treasure. I licked my lips, glad she could not see me do that. No pussy I had ever viewed had ever looked so tasty and inviting. 

My body shook more, as I fought to not bury my face in her sex. I was so turned on now, my nipples hard as diamonds, feeling as if they would burst if I did not have someone suck on them soon. Further and further I massaged down her legs, loosening them like never before. Soon, I got to her lovely feet. I massaged each one individually, with both hands. Over her heels, between her toes and over her soles. Now, I was never into feet, but at that moment, I was enraptured with my mom's. I wanted to lick them all over, suck each toe and kiss them. I trembled again. I could feel an orgasm coming on, and she had not touched me at all. 

"Mmmmm, right there, baby. Mommy's feet hurt so much. That feels like heaven." I gasped at her praise. She was definitely turned on now. I was shaking with arousal. I had my mother ready to go, and just from touching her. God, if only we could take that last step. Oh how I wished for it. "Oh mom, love me. Love me like only a mother can." I thought. My heart was pounding, and I could swear I felt the Earth move.

I put her feet back down when I was done, and took another deep breath. Both to calm myself and to prepare for what came next. With as much courage as I could muster, I asked mom to turn over. With a smile on her face, no doubt from my skilled hands, she obeyed. The sight of my mother's full frontal nudity hit me like a truck. Now, all before me, lay the expanse of my mother's exquisite body. Her breasts, her lips, her stomach and, most importantly of all, her pussy, now on full display to me. I gulped. This could not be real. Her breasts were even bigger than I thought. 

Her pussy smooth and clean, her lips in a sexy smile. For a moment, I did nothing, just sat viewing the best image of all, storing every detail I could into my memory. "You're so lovely mom." I told her, in daughterly way. She giggled. "Thank you, Dana. It's always nice to hear that." I could not tell her what I really thought. That she was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. That I wanted her now in the worst way. Her eyes were still closed, and I again licked my lips as I viewed her. Now it was time for the main event. I crawled up her again, straddling her as I put my hands to her face. Gently and lovingly, I massaged her cheeks and her neck. Her sensuous lips beckoned to me. I wanted to kiss them, but I could not. I could not let this end here, if she did not want me to do that. I had more of her I wanted to enjoy. I traced down her shoulders, over her arms and her hands. Soon, another treasure would be mine. I went back up her arms, ready to finally touch the breasts that stirred my loins like no others.

I was so wet now. With my heart pounding and my breath shallow, I put my shaky hands to those luscious breasts. A jolt shot right through me as I cupped those lovely orbs. My mother's breasts were finally in my hands. As I massaged them, I felt those suckable nipples digging into my palms. I could feel her heart beating, her shallow breathing. Was she as turned on as I was? It took every bit of willpower I had in me not to lean down and take those lovely tips into my mouth. I wanted nothing more right now than to lean down and suck on them. "Mmmmm." I heard as she moaned at my touch. She was so hot right now, I could see it, and smell it, as I caught the unmistakable scent of female arousal wafting in the air. I was beside myself. I was making my dream girl all hot and bothered. Briefly, she opened her eyes and grabbed my hands, stopping my breast massage. I was scared now. Had I gone too far? "Dana, is there a reason you're massaging my breasts? It seems a little unnecessary." 

Trembling, I racked my brains for an answer. I had to continue. I was not about to let it end here. "Yes mom, there is a lot of stress you carry in the chest muscles. It can impede your breathing and doing this releases endorphins that calm your heart and improve your circulation." I sighed quietly in relief. She released my arms and I resumed my breast play. Despite nursing a child, her breasts were still quite firm, and they were by far the nicest tits I had ever had in my hands. 

Oh, what breasts they were. I did not want to stop touching them, but I had more to do. Reluctantly, I released those glorious orbs and began to massage her lower torso. Small moans and gasps still came from her. They were a little louder now, and the thought came to me that maybe I might make my mother come. Lower and lower I went, closing in on my ultimate goal. I would not fully touch it, there was no real reason to, none that would work for her, but I would get as close as I could.

I moved myself further down her body, and soon it was revealed to me. My mother's most private, most special place. The very same vagina I had come into the world from. The very same pussy I longed to lick and tasted. Some might call it her cunt, but I never would. It was too pretty to be called such a nasty word. I was wet now. My panties were soaked. I was so glad my jeans were thick enough to hide that fact. I was close to coming. My breathing was shallow, my cheeks flushed and my nipples harder than ever. 

My heart was beating like crazy, it had to be unhealthy for it to beat this fast. I could feel it deep in my chest. I massaged down the inside of her thighs, my fingers occasionally rubbing against her mound. I could feel her wetness. My mother was turned on by my touches. This was a dream come true. After a good minute massaging her thighs, my index fingers were very wet with her juices. While her eyes were still closed, I put one finger into my mouth, quietly sucking it clean. Oh god, she tasted so magnificent. I wanted more, but I knew this would probably be my only taste. I sucked the other clean too. I knew I'd remember this taste forever. "Mom, you are so delicious." I whispered. Thank god she did not hear me. I gave her thighs a few more kneads, then I heard a sound. A sound that made me smile like never before.

A long, slow, moaning gasp escaped her lips. I knew that sound well. She had come. I had made my mother come. I was filled with such joy. Not only did I finally get to feel her, but I made her come. This night could not get better, except if she actually wanted to go that extra step with me, but I did not get my hopes up. For now, what I had done here was enough. That put me over, and I came too. 

For a minute, I lost all conscious thought. The world was all black to me. I saw nothing, my mind overloaded with pleasure. In the back of my mind, I felt a great joy, knowing me and my mother had come together. It was all I could ask for. With a final effort, I finished massaging the front of her calves, and with that, it was over. My fantasy had come to an end, but I was not sad one bit. I had finally felt the wonder that was my mom. I stood up off the bed, and her eyes opened slightly. "Oh Dana, that was just what I needed. I've never felt so relaxed." She said with a yawn. Like that, she fell asleep. I smiled, picked up her quilt and covered her, ending my viewing. A smile was still on her face. I blew out the candles, turned off the soothing jazz music, and turned off her lamp. I was in absolute ecstasy.

Finished, and more excited than ever before, I left the room as she slept. In my own room, I quickly shucked my pants and panties. Not one minute after I had put my hand to my sex, I came. In the afterglow of my come, I lay on my bed, engrossed in the memories of the feel of my mom's sexy body. The weight of her breasts, the firmness of her butt, the scent of her pussy. Each and every caress burned into my brain. Her moans and gasps still ringing in my ears. Shortly after, I too fell asleep. That night, like so many others, I dreamed of making love to my mother, but this time, in my dream, I knew how she felt and tasted. In my dream, we made love, and it was glorious. If only it was real. It was a perfect topper to probably the best night of my life.
After that night, I pretty much knew I'd never get to feel my mom like that again. That was, until the following Friday, when she asked me for another one. I readily agreed. Who knows, maybe something more might happen.

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