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Reaching beneath them, he forced his hands between the bed and the full white cheeks of her ass, kneading the warm soft flesh and pulling the gently rotating cheeks further apart. He could feel the hot smooth walls of her tightly clasping cunt sucking hungrily at his aching cock, convulsing tightly around his rapidly plunging hardness. Goddamn it, I'm going insane, I'm fucking my little girl, he thought. I'm going to lose my fucking mind! Then, before he could begin another thought, he felt it begin for her.

"Aaaaaagh, I'm coming!" she screamed up into his mouth and her body tossed under him, slipping and churning in a furious spasm.

"I'm coming. I'm coming too," he mumbled over and over to himself, speeding up the already furious rhythm of his strokes. He could feel the hot white cum building up inside his heated balls as they beat hard against her wildly gyrating upturned ass. But he couldn't let it stop! He was going to spurt his boiling semen into his little girl's sweet little belly until she was filled to the bursting point with their dual mixture of hotly gushing cum juice ... and then, before he could complete the thought, he could feel it, the muscles of her cunt clasping voraciously around him and massaging his cock to a flooding hugeness that threatened to split her womb asunder.

He could feel his breath becoming ragged and short, his cock jerking and stiffening even larger. He could sense the sensation of hot white cum spewing now out of the wildly jerking head and shooting up into her like liquid fire, ricocheting around inside her hotly convulsing vaginal walls like thick burning streams of molten lava. In a cascade of passion the lovers exploded into a mutual sexual haze, convulsing to exhaustion.


Jack had called every phone number he knew, trying to contact Carrie, unsuccessfully. Thinking he should share his concern with someone, he calls Bob's number only to find the line busy. Busy? Jack thought; why would his line be busy for so long? Jack got his car and drove to his father-in-law's apartment. As he pulled up, Carrie's Car was parked by the curb. Realizing now why he was unable to get her by phone, he was even more confused why she hadn't let him know where she was. Jack parked, walked toward his father-in-law's apartment, and as he did so, became aware of the strange circumstances surrounding Carrie's behavior. He determined to be clandestine for the moment, just until he could find out what was going on.

Jack stole up the several steps to the door to Bob's apartment, stopping to listen for sounds, he pressed his ear to the door. It is late now and the noises from the street outside are more pronounced than any he could hear through the door. Slowly and very carefully, he reaches to the door knob, turns it, and feels the latch release. The door was unlocked. Continuing, he pushes ever so slowly against the door and it opens inward, small squeaks from the straining hinges sounding like sirens, but in reality are only barely perceptible scrapes. Wide enough now, he peers inside the dark apartment unable to see anything or anyone. He lets his eyes adjust to the darkness, familiar shapes coming to view, then a small noise from the far side of the apartment. He freezes, and begins to listen closely, another sound, fainter than the first, now another, louder than before. Confusion weaves through Jack's mind, what could this mean?

Suddenly a gasp resounds from the darkness, "Oh Dad!"

Jack is petrified, finally realizing what his wife was doing here, with her father. With her father!!! Jack hangs on that thought for a lingering moment, then jealously and rage build in his gut. Sweat beads are collecting on his brow, he begins to shake and is unable to move from his place in the doorway. Another noise from the dark abyss strikes directly to his center, his heart, "Harder." He hears, and it echoes in his seething mind, driving the already rabid thoughts to a new intensity.

Prying his feet from the floor, Jack staggers forward, following the sound in the distance. He no longer feared the unknown, another sound comes. He is resolute now, pressing against the darkness which engulfs him. Approaching the door to the bedroom he pauses to listen again, a small hope surfacing against a storm of emotion, maybe he was wrong, then carefully, he looks into the room searching for what he hoped was not there, his eyes resting on his wife's naked form straddling her father.

Carrie drew her knees up so as to have better leverage to screw her cock-stretched cunt up against the tickling wiriness of Bob's thick pubic hair. As she arched her hips up, Bob withdrew his long blood-engorged shaft from her womb, stopping only when the swollen head remained inside. She pressed her lewdly skewered loins into him for fear he might take it all the way out, but he pushed instead, forward again into the depths of her wetly seeping passage. Jack watched Bob's rubbery flesh-tip parting the walls of her heated cunt as it slid up inside her, and her grasping vagina closed tightly on the huge monster, the nerves lining the wall transmitting every part of its throbbing form to her brain.

She hung suspended now on every moment of his long in-stroke, feeling pleasure rather than pain, and when his pelvis pressed into her now only receptive cunt. The sensation was wonderful, and Carrie opened her legs out as wide as she could to make the next plunge even deeper.

Bob pulled back with his hips to withdraw his lust-excited cock, and as he slammed up into her clasping vagina with a faster motion, his balls slapped hard against her tiny puckered anus, before falling back wetly against his own.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" she shrieked from the fantastic sensations chasing them up and down her spine, each one vying for attention.

Her father's heavy balls were stirring with the building pressure of sperm deep inside them, and Carrie could feel the life throbbing in them. The driving motion of his long, thick penis sent ripples of ever-increasing intensity through every part of her passion-aroused body, and she took up the rhythm with him, arching her hips as she drove downward on the in-stroke, and pulling back as he retreated.

The fire burning deep in her womb became more intense as Bob's already Viagra-engorged cock seemed to grow larger still and his fucking became faster and faster. His cunt-moistened cock slid with greater and greater ease in and out of her tightly grasping vagina, the walls of her passage wrapping and squeezing over every part of its full throbbing shape as it stirred her to even greater heights of pleasure. Carrie felt her whole body become part of her hungrily grasping cunt. She had never imagined it could be such pleasure to be totally consumed by the huge fleshy shaft pounding crazily into her naked belly. She drew her legs up as high as she could, and she began flexing and tightening the muscles in her excitedly trembling thighs to pull and suck at the wonderful cock that she held clasped with such tremendous force in her fiery, hot womb.

"MORE!" she gasped, "MORE!" Behind him she glimpsed another figure ... a man, but her dilated pupils were tear-filled and her vision was so distorted that she closed them tight again. She opened them, blinking, finally focusing on the figure standing there. Jack! Jack was here, but why? "Oh God ..." Carrie moaned almost incoherently, her face resting on Bob's shoulder, suddenly unable to comprehend the erotic excitement Jack's obscene presence was arousing in her. "Oh please God no ..."All she wanted was to come again. She had to feel that gloriously blissful release coursing through her thoroughly aroused body before she could resume her normal life. "I'm sorry... Jack... But I had to... had to have Dad... again." She panted on the verge of climax.

Carrie's outburst caught Bob off guard, but he looked in the direction Carrie was looking and saw Jack, his son-in-law. Bob was riveted to Jack's still form, standing in the doorway, watching him fuck Carrie, his daughter, Jack's wife. "Oh shit." Bob gasped, unable to do anything while being pinned by Carrie as she flailed above him.

Carrie was crying now, incoherently sobbing as she fucked even more furiously than before. "AAAAaaaaawwwwggggg!" Her scream echoed around the room as the explosive searing passion in her body soared to the pinnacle of delightful pleasure. Her eyes locked on to her husband's frozen form in the darkness, she sank her fingernails into the back of her father, tensed beneath her impassionedly writhing body, and pushed her heaving breasts into his hard chest. She wanted to smother him with her warm flesh. She arched her wide-spread crotch to receive all of her father's penetratingly hard penis she could get, and her own sticky white cum gushed down her wildly contracting hair-covered base and ran slowly down the crevice of her tanned buttocks. It seemed to go on forever until her body was completely drained of all its fluid.

Jack stood there amazed at the sight of his wife fucking her father. Stricken, he was unable to do anything, he wanted to pounce on them, but couldn't, he thought of running away, but didn't, he was at a loss for what to do. So he stood and stared at his beautiful wife as she stared back at him, the whole time climaxing with her father's giant prick protruding from her sopping pussy. A more surreal sight could not be imagined.

Bob was the first to move; he pushed his daughter gently to the side and rose to a sitting position. He could feel Jack's gaze burning a hole through him. Bob fidgeted uncomfortably with his still erect penis. Carrie was still crying as she looked helplessly at the floor not noticing her father's discomfort. Bob couldn't stand the stalemate and shouted, "What was I to do Jack? You were the one who started all this."

The shock of his accusation tugged at Jack's mind. He remembered that it was his mistake that had gotten this whole sordid affair started. His heart pounded, he started to deny complicity, he began to speak, his lips moved, but the sound of his voice could not be heard. Again he tried, forcing his voice to make a sound, and then as if without his command, he heard his voice mouthing the words, "I'm so sorry, it was my fault."

Carrie stopped crying and sat up startled by the admission. Bob was dumbfounded, and sat blinking at his son-in-law.

"What am I going to do? I can't compete with you Pop" Jack pleads for help.

"Oh Jack, you don't have to compete, I've always loved you, its just that Dad and I have gotten very close from the... well, the accident." Carrie offers consolingly.

Bob continued to fidget with his erection, visibly relieved at the direction the discussion has taken.

Jack looked at Bob and then to Carrie, and said, "What about me?"

Carrie smiles and holds a hand out to Jack, saying, "Come here baby, I will always love you, you're my husband, first, last, and always."

Jack moves to the foot of the bed and extends his hand to his wife, grasping her hand firmly. She pulls him to her and with her free hand places it on his stiffened cock in his trousers. Jack releases her hand and begins to strip quickly, moving to the bed as he does so. Bob watches intently, and then rises to leave the couple alone.

Carrie notices her father leaving and asks Jack, "I'd like Dad to stay if its Ok with you Jack."

Jack looks back over his shoulder, smiles toward his father-in-law, and says, "Bob you're always hounding me to set you up with a beautiful girl, here's your chance."

Bob grins from ear to ear, and in a bound joins the couple on the bed.

In seconds, Jack's penis was snuggly lodged inside her warm hole. He felt her pushing her hips down until he was all the way inside. He could feel Bob's hot cum in her vagina, squeezing him in her velvet tunnel; her sweet hole began to pulse and vibrate around his swollen shaft. Then her body tensed. He felt Bob straddling her hips, his feet on either side of Jack's legs. Then, before he could comprehend what was going on there was more movement and Carrie, her lips close to his ear, grunted and sucked in her breath.

He felt her vagina suddenly grow tighter around his shaft. Then he felt friction through the thin membrane... something was sliding past his penis. In shock and disbelief, he realized that Bob was entering Carrie's ass!

His heart began to pound inside his chest and sweat beads formed on his brow as he lay frozen... as if movement would somehow show his acceptance of what was going on. This was more than he had bargained for. He had never even considered such a thing. Yet, his penis lost none of its hardness and, in fact, pulsed even harder.

Suddenly Carrie's tight hole grew even tighter and it felt like a rubber band had just been wrapped around the length of his penis. His mouth grew dry as he tried to control his rapid breathing. He couldn't think of anything but the tightness surrounding his shaft. The sphincter muscles of Carrie's ass squeezed Bob, and he could feel it at the base of his penis and he could feel her insides quivering around his shaft.

A second later Bob's penis in Carrie's ass began to move. An unintentional moan escaped Jack's lips when he felt the penis sliding out and then back in.

The bed squeaked as Carrie's body was forced down onto Jack, pressing them both heavily to the mattress. There were whimpers and gasps of pleasure coming from her lips. "Yes! Yes!" she moaned in an excited whisper. "Oh God! Oh God!"

The weight from above continued to push Carrie downward. As the penis in her ass moved deeper, Jack's penis moved deeper, following the other shaft, until both were totally encased in her body, side by side... one on top of the other.

All three of them stopped moving. The darkness of the room surrounded them, encasing them in an anonymity that made this perverse sex act seem okay somehow.

Carrie began to moan incoherently now, almost as if she were in pain. Yet, she didn't move except for her heaving chest.

Seconds ticked by. All four of them seemed to be waiting for someone to make the first move, someone to scream out, and anything that would indicate that it was okay to continue... or to stop.

Jack was the first to move. Gradually, his lower body began to lift upward with a will of its own. He pushed his hips up, almost in reflex, forcing the last fraction of an inch of his penis into Carrie.

That was the signal that they were all looking for.

Carrie gasped and Bob moaned. Then she lifted upward, allowing Jack's penis to slip out until just the head was inside. This allowed Bob's penis to move the last inch into her anal canal. With a grunt of pleasure she pushed back down hard to take Jack deep into her vagina again. Bob's slipped out until only the constricted sphincter muscles held the head.

Not to be denied, Bob pushed back in, encasing him in her warmth again. Jack pulled out. Soon a rhythm began. As Jack's penis would go in, the penis in Carrie's ass would slip out, in and out, in and out. After a few missed beats they began to move together. Suddenly they were like dancers moving in perfect tempo. As Bob pushed inside, Carrie would gasp and Jack would moan. Then Jack's penis would slip out and Bob's in again.

Carrie's gasps turned to whimpers of pleasure with each plunge of the two penises. The large shafts stretched both holes like she had never experienced.

Excitement consumed Jack. He bucked his hips upward and quickly pulled back until just the head was inside. A second later he could feel her rear hole being filled by Bob. He waited an instant and pushed inside again as Bob pulled his penis out.

Carrie was buffeted like a rag doll between the two men, pushed down by the weight above and then forced upward by the hips below. She could no longer control any movement... like a prisoner of passion. Her body began to tremble as waves of pleasure consumed her. It didn't take long for the incredible and surreal feeling to send her over the top, hurtling her willingly into an amazing climax.

Jack knew the signs. Her grunts and moans spurred him on. His hips began to lift frantically off the bed.

Suddenly the rhythm was lost and both of the men moved into her at the same time, stretching her normally tight holes almost to the bursting point.

The powerful contractions inside Carrie's vagina were too much for Jack. He pushed hard one last time. His penis throbbed and the head expanded as his thick juice shot out of the pulsing shaft, ricocheting off the slick walls deep inside her pulsing hole.

Bob cried out in pleasure and he too pushed as deeply as he could go. The throbbing of the penis in the other hole was too much for him. With a scream of pleasure, he emptied the contents of his balls into Carrie's ass. They all collapsed into a heap on the bed together, and slept.


Jack woke to movement next to him, opening his eyes to see Bob gently rocking in and out of Carrie's love canal. Carrie was only partially awake, legs and arms spread wide as if allowing her father to use her as a hole, uninterested in the act itself. Jack continued to watch as Bob thrust faster and faster, coming in short jerks, his breath wheezing in through his drooling mouth. His last convulsion passed, he fell to the side and continued to wheeze.

Carrie moaned, and then asked her father, "Are you through yet? Six times is some sort of record isn't it?"

"Six times?" Jack asks.

"Oh, hi honey. Yeah, Dad took Viagra so he would last longer, so we could have more time to enjoy each other, but it seems to have done too good a job. I'm pooped!"

"Well it looks like he's through now." Jack says pointing to Bob, lying on his back snoring as he slept, his penis finally returning to its normal dimension.

"Thank god! I don't think I could go once more." Carrie admitted, relieved.


"Yes Jack."

"I love you."

"I love you too."


"Yes dear."

"Do you think Dad could move in with us? You know he's awfully lonely here."

Jack smiled, looked at his lovely wife and said, "I think we can arrange something."

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