Threesome incest taboo relationship with her parents
"Just like Mom was earlier; bent over the bed, and I want Mom where you were: on her back right in front of your face. Put those heels back on too, Linda."

The girls followed his orders and seconds later he was positioned behind his daughter while Linda was playing with herself in front of them. It was actually going to happen. He took a deep breath and rubbed the head of his cock along his daughter's moist vaginal lips. She responded with a gasp.

"You sure you're okay with this, right?" Jim double-checked.

Ella rolled her eyes at her mother. "Are you serious, Dad? That's the dumbest question ever. Of course I'm okay with this! I want it more than anything!"

He smiled before slowly pushing inside her. His cock made it a few inches before he immediately pulled out and took a deep breath. He expected her to feel good, but not like this. Sure, Linda felt amazing, but this was indescribable. His daughter snugged him even more than his wife. Everything was enhanced. Her warmness, and wetness, and tightness all made his mind go blank, while his cock felt like it was going to explode. But he was a grown man. He could handle this. He slowly pushed inside again, heard his daughter moan as half his dick disappeared, and instantly withdrew.

Linda had a curious expression on her face. "Everything okay?"

He ran his hand threw his brown hair and calmly nodded, trying to regroup while he took a step back.

Ella's head turned back to glance at her father. "Is something wrong?"

Jim shook his head. "No, sweetheart, it's fine. Just give me a second."

Okay, time for his birthday present. Maybe it wouldn't be the longest session in his life, but he was going to give his daughter what she wanted, and he was going to get the greatest gift in the world in the process. He pushed inside her, fought through her natural resistance, and took a deep stroke inside the tightest, warmest, wettest pussy he'd ever experienced. And just like his previous two attempts, he bailed once again.

He started lightly chuckling to himself. "I don't think I can do this..."

Jim looked ahead to see both his girls looking at him with completely different reactions. Ella was confused and worried while his wife had an ear-to-ear grin on her face.

"Are you serious?" Linda laughed.

He embarrassingly nodded.

Ella glanced at her mother before turning to look back at Dad. "What's wrong?"

Jim was staring down at the hardwood floor with a sheepish smile.

"Apparently, Dad is a sixteen-year-old virgin," Linda laughed. "Holy shit, Jim, really?"

He nodded as he started to laugh along with her. He looked up to see Ella with her eyes locked on him. "You feel too good, sweetheart."

Her worried look had yet to leave. "I'm sorry."

"No, no, no, it's not your fault," he told her. "It's amazing, believe me, but I feel like a high schooler all over again."

"You've been going on and on lately about how amazing I feel," Linda said. "I'm starting to think that's BS."

"It's not," he shook his head, "but this is ridiculous. I've never felt anything like this."

An idea rifled through Ella's head as she pondered the situation. Dad was the nicest person in the world, but he was also the most competitive. Never in her life did he allow her win in anything. Most fathers don't look at their daughters as equals, but Dad always treated her that way, and she loved that about him. And maybe she could use that to get him in the proper mindset. Maybe she could play on his competitive side. This was her best shot at getting him to clear this mental hurdle which had clearly tripped him up. She was going to give it a whirl.

"Mike wasn't bad in bed."

Jim immediately felt his blood begin to boil. God, did he hate hearing that shithead ex-boyfriend's name. The idea of him touching his little girl made him want to kill someone. And she was bringing him up now!?

Ella looked at Mom again, pretending to ignore her father who was still standing behind her. "He never lasted too long but we also always used condoms. He made it like two minutes once. I mean, we only had sex a few times, but he was pretty good."

Linda instantly picked up on what her daughter was doing. The look on her husband's face told her that he didn't have a clue as to what Ella was up to, and she was going to do her part in trying to save Jim's birthday.

"I always thought Mike was pretty cute to be honest," Linda chimed in, trying her best to prevent herself from smiling.

Jim's left eye started involuntarily twitching.

"He was definitely cute," Ella continued to converse with her mom. "He actually tried talking to me the other day. Maybe I should give him a shot again. What do you think?"

Her mom nodded. "Studs like that don't come along to often. If it was me, I would definitely give him another chance. He's eighteen now. Guys tend to start maturing once they hit that age. How about you invite him to dinner this week?"

"Really?" Ella asked.

"For sure," she responded. "I could make dinner and we could all hang out and spend the night together. Or you two could go somewhere for some alone time."

Ella nodded. "Yeah, maybe we—"

Her sentence was cut off as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She attempted to open her mouth but only air came out. Her plan had worked.

Jim wasn't going to stand there and let his daughter entertain the idea of ever seeing that asshole kid again. He didn't want her dating punk skateboarder's with attitude problems. He'd prefer her to be single, but if she found a guy, he needed to be a real man, and he was going to show her what a real man was like.

Every urge to cum took a backseat to his mission of giving Ella the greatest sexual experience of her life. That electric feeling wasn't just in his cock, it was enveloping his entire body, and he had to block that all out.

He started taking deeper, longer strokes inside his daughter as her moans and shrieks began to grow. His hand slid up her soft, smooth skin, and found her long, brown hair.

Ella's neck snapped back. And if that wasn't enough, a warm breath was now in her right ear.

"You're gonna give him another shot, huh?"

She was trying her hardest to respond but that wasn't the easiest task at the moment. Dad was pummeling her and her head was being yanked backward. She mustered every ounce of energy she had left and responded with a single word.


"That's not going to happen," he firmly told her.

The right side of Ella's head hit the soft mattress below and was swiftly driven into the sheets. Her left eye looked up to see her father in a different light than she'd ever experienced. His face was ravenous. Grunts were coming from his mouth with every rough thrust forward, sweat was dripping from his forehead and landing on her back, and his piercing brown eyes were locked on her face. This is what Mom had twenty-four seven access to for the past two months? Shit, for the past twenty years! Ella wasn't sure about a lot of things in the future, but she knew that this wasn't going to be a one-time thing. She was going to get in on the fun her parents were having.

"Harder!" she begged.

Jim continued to push her face into the bed with his right hand. He'd never driven into anyone like this. His daughter deserved the absolute best, and if she wanted it hard, than she was going to get it hard.

Linda was shocked. It was like she wasn't even in the room anymore. These two were in their own world and her daughter was getting fucked unlike anything she'd ever seen. The girl in her was somewhat jealous, but her motherly side was growing more and more concerned with each passing second.

"Easy, Jim."

His hand immediately let go of Ella's head at the sound of his wife's voice. He slowed his pace as panic swept across his being. He'd gotten lost in the moment. Very, very lost.

"Are you okay, baby?" he asked his daughter, terrified of what her response might be.

Ella looked forward and shot her mom a glare to the level which Linda had never seen before. "Are you fucking kidding me!?" she grunted.

Linda raised her eyebrows.

"Why did you stop him!?" the teen yelled. "Oh my God, that was amazing!"

"Baby, it was really rough," Linda started. "I was just kinda concerned."

"What the fuck, Mom!?" Ella continued to rant. "Another minute of that and I totally would've cum! And I've never even come close to cumming during sex! Mom, why—"

Ella screeched as her head was snapped back again by her hair.

"Are we seriously doing this again?" Jim calmly asked while his strong arm suspended his daughter in the air.

The teen was extremely confused. "What?"

"You swore at your mother not once, but twice," he told her. "Are you serious? After everything she did today? Apologize to her. Immediately!"

"Sorry, Mom," Ella swiftly said.

"Not good enough," Jim smirked. He slowly lowered his daughter's face back down toward the mattress until it was just inches from Linda's glistening vagina. "You're going to apologize in a very special way today. You're going to make Mom cum."

Linda's face lit up.

"And we're going to have some very serious problems if you don't," he smiled. "I'm thinking two weeks without your phone."

Ella looked back at her dad. "What!?"

"Actually, make it a month. Mom's way more important than two weeks. So, here's the deal. You gotta get Mom off. If you do, everything's good. If not, no phone for a month."

Ella leaned forward and instantly found her mother's throbbing clit with her tongue. She'd never done this before. She knew how to get herself off, but she had no idea what Mom liked. So she was going to stick with what worked for herself, and that was an awful lot of clitoral attention.

Jim's hands gripped his daughter's waist as he begin driving into her again. His roughness was making it difficult for her to stay focused on her task at hand. Her mouth would leave her mother every few seconds to moan and let out a cry of pleasure, and that was only making things that much sweeter for him. Not only was he given his daughter pleasure, but he was teasing his wife in the process, and he never passed up a chance at that.

"I forgot to tell you something," he announced to the room. "You have five minutes."

Ella's head shot back. "Are you serious!?"

"Very," he smiled. "Better get to work."

The high school senior's mouth speedily found Mom's clit again as Linda threw her head back into the pillows and loudly moaned.

Three minutes later...

Jim pulled out of his daughter and knelt on the floor next to her so he was at her level. Just like when Ella was the one receiving the oral pleasure, he made the journey to check in on how she was doing. Sure, he wasn't inside her anymore, but he could use a break for a few minutes anyway.

"How's it coming?" he asked.

Ella looked to her right to see her dad's smiling face. At least she had a chance now. As if this wasn't hard enough, Dad had been slamming into her for the past few minutes. In fact, she was right on the edge of exploding a few times before he pulled back. Something about, 'you don't cum again until Mom does.' Not only did she have to do this to keep her phone, but it was the only way she was going to experience an orgasm during sex. But it didn't seem like Mom was close to cumming.

"I don't know what I'm doing..." she gingerly admitted.

Jim started laughing. "You're a woman. You can't get another woman off?"

"I can get myself off," said Ella, "but Mom is a completely different story. She's moaning and stuff so it obviously feels good to her, but I have no idea if she's close to getting off."

"How's it feel, Linda?" Jim called out.

"Great," his wife replied.

"Are you close to cumming?" he asked.

"Nope," she answered.

Jim turned his attention back to his daughter. She was in dismay.

"What some help?"

She immediately nodded. "Yes! Yes, please!"

He propped himself up on his right forearm as he held his hand out at his daughter. "Okay, so hold your middle finger and index finger out together."

Ella followed her dad's lead.

"Now, slowly slide those two fingers inside Mom. Very easy."

Her fingers disappeared inside her mother as Linda's moans grew. Ella's tongue was no longer on her mom's clit, but part of her hand was now inside her. She turned back to her dad for directions.

"The key to your mother's heart," Jim smiled, "is through her G-Spot."

Ella's brow furrowed. "Her G-Spot? I thought that wasn't real."

"What?" he asked his daughter.

"Mr. Keys, our Sex Ed teacher last year, told us that the G-Spot is a myth when one of the guys asked about it," she explained. "He said it doesn't exist."

Jim was dumbfounded. "Mr. Keys sounds like a fuckin' idiot. Sweetheart, the G-Spot is a very, very real thing. Isn't that right, Linda?"

"Mmm-hmm..." his wife agreed with her eyes closed and her head back on the pillow.

"What in the world is that guy doing as a Sex Ed teacher?" he laughed.

"So, I have a G-Spot?" Ella asked.

He promptly nodded. "Of course."

The teen's face lit up. "Can you find it?"

"Sure, but let's save that for another day," he smiled. "Our priority right now is Mom."

Ella agreed with a nod of her head before turning back to her mother's shaven vagina. "What do I do now?"

"Now, gently explore your mother with your fingers. Pretend that you're looking straight through her clit. Under her clit, inside her, will be a small bumpy patch. Every girl doesn't feel the same, but Mom is a little bumpy and ridgy. That's her G-Spot."

Her fingers began moving around with a curious expression on her face. "I don't feel it."

He moved his fingers in a 'come-hither' motion. "Do this," he told his daughter.

Ella mimicked her dad and her face quickly perked up.

"Fuck..." Linda moaned.

The father and daughter both smiled at each other.

"I found it!" Ella cheered.

Jim grinned. "You want to rub that little patch. Not hard or rough, but nice and easy to start. You want to work her up and get her right on the edge, and then that's when you apply more pressure. Right before she's about to cum. Don't forget her clit either."

Ella moved her mouth back to her mother's clit while simultaneously rubbing her G-Spot with her fingers. Mom's loud reaction and the fact that her arm was reached out and grabbing a handful of her hair, proved that she was doing something right. And selfishly, she couldn't wait until Dad did this to her.

A few minutes passed and Linda's hips were now squirming and moving on the bed. Jim had seen this countless number of times over the past two months. His wife was close. But he wasn't be completely honest with his daughter, and that was eating him up at the moment. It was unlike him, but he was out for revenge as he watched Ella continue her task of pleasing her mother. Hearing her bring up her ex-boyfriend earlier was still bugging him.

He'd made eye contact with his wife a few minutes ago and they shot each other a smirk. Linda knew what was on his mind and she was on board with his plan. It still didn't seem right though.


Ella kept going as Linda's moans and squirms were increasing.

"Ella, stop!" he shouted.

Her tongue moved off her mother's clit and her fingers slipped out of her. She peered over at Dad, concerned by his panicked voice.

This time, it was Linda who wasn't happy. "Oh my God, what the fuck, Jim!? I was right there!"

"We'll get you back," he reassured her. "Umm...sweetheart, I wasn't being totally honest with you."

Ella wasn't following.

He smiled as he glanced down at the bed sheets. "Your mother isn't just going to cum."

The teen had no idea what Dad was talking about.

"She's gonna squirt," he filled her in.

Ella raised her eyebrows. "Squirt? Mom can squirt!?"

He proudly nodded. "Every girl can squirt."

"No, they can't," Linda disagreed. "How many times are we going to go over this?"

"Your friend Sarah can't squirt because Bill doesn't have any idea what he's doing!" Jim passionately told her. "Give me ten minutes with her and I'd have her entire bed soaked."

"There's no chance that's going to happen," Linda informed him, her eyes still staring up at the white ceiling.

"Mr. Keys..."

"Said that squirting is a myth too?" Jim jumped in and finished his daughter's question. "Just another clueless guy."

"Every girl can't squirt," Linda continued to argue.

Jim rolled his eyes at his daughter before looking in his wife's direction. "How long did your boyfriend before me try to make you squirt for?"

"A year..." she quietly answered.

"And how long did it take me?" he asked.


"I can't hear you!" Jim laughed.

"Fifteen minutes..." she groaned.

"Fifteen minutes!" he loudly reiterated. "And that was with you being all shy and trying to hold back. I can get you to squirt in under five minutes now." He peered back at his daughter. "Every girl can squirt. The thing is most guys are either clueless, or they just don't care enough about their woman's pleasure to learn how to do it. Believe me, I could make every girl on the planet squirt."

Linda huffed.

"Does she squirt a lot?" Ella curiously asked.

"She squirts more when she's really on edge and overdo to explode," he answered. "So, yeah, she's gonna make a mess tonight."

The teen smiled while gazing at the shiny glisten on her mother's trimmed vaginal lips. "Why'd you stop me then?"

"I wanted to give you a heads up," Jim told her. "Part of me thought it would be funny to surprise you while your face was down there, but I can't do that to you."

"That sounds hot," Ella smiled.

His eyebrows shot up. "Hot?"

"Yeah," she nodded, "where do you go when Mom squirts?"

"Well, I stay down there," he smirked. "I like it. But I'm a big-time pervert. I'm sure you don't want to—"

Jim cut off his sentence thanks to a surprising sight. His daughter's fingers were back inside her mother and her tongue was flowing over her swollen clit once again. She knew what was about to come, and just like him, she wanted to be down there when it happened.

He moved back behind his daughter and slowly pushed inside her. He heard a whimper escape Ella's mouth but continued to move at a snail's pace to allow her to focus on her mother.

Linda's hand clenched the sheets. She felt it. That warm, vibrant burning, deep inside her was bubbling toward the surface. It was a strong, powerful pressure that continued to build until the inevitable explosion. Only one person in her life had made her experience what was about to come, and she was more than happy to add a second name to that list.

"Don't stop!" Linda begged.

Ella's index and middle finger were moving at a furious pace inside her mom. That little rugged patch inside her was being frantically rubbed while her tongue continued to lick and run over her clit. She had no plans of stopping.

"Oh, fuck!" Linda cried.

The teen braced herself as Mom moaned louder. She was just as perverted as Dad, and it was time for her parents to find that out. She wanted to prove that she could hold her own in their bedroom. And who knows? Maybe that would result in an invitation for more fun time together. Ella suddenly felt a small amount of fluid hit her chin.

She pulled back and curiously gazed at her mother's vagina, curious as to what squirting looks like. A strong shot of clear liquid propelled out of Mom and slammed into her cheek. Ella smiled before moving her mouth back to her clit and rapidly tonguing it while her mother was moaning and twitching in ecstasy.

Jim couldn't take it any longer. Watching his wife squirt onto his daughter's face was hotter than anything he'd ever imagined seeing. Those previously slow strokes he was taking were replaced by deep, long pumps as he continued to watch the action unfold in front of him.
It was like every shot of fluid that hit Ella's face only encouraged her to go harder at Mom. Her fingers gave Linda's G-Spot one last rub before they slipped out and began sliding up and down her mother's gushing pussy. Her actions caused Mom to spray all over the sheets as liquid was being sent in dozens of different directions.

His hands gripped his daughter's waist and he began driving into her.

"Holy shit!" Ella shrieked, caught off guard by the now hurried pace Dad was moving at inside her.

A hand intertwined in her long, brown locks, and yanked her head back. Her mom's squirt was dripping from her face as her body was once again suspended in the air, being driven into by her father.

"Harder!" the teen demanded.

His hand left her waist and wrapped around her body, swiftly finding her throbbing clit. He feverishly began to rub it as his thrusts only grew in power and speed.

It was actually going to happen! She could feel that glow slowly run through her body. Every pump from her father's large, thick cock sent her closer to the edge. She had one foot dangling over a cliff and was just looking for someone to give her a helpful push, and that someone just so happened to be the most special guy in the world. And he was doing his damnedest to take her to that previously never experienced place.

And then she felt an explosion.

"Fuck!" Ella shouted, feeling herself go limp as a smothering warmness overtook her body from her head to her toes. An entire world of sexuality was being opened to her and she wasn't going to sit on the sidelines and watch any longer. This was going to be her life from now on.

Jim's eyes moved past her and down to his wife who was rubbing her clit with her hand. Her vagina was soaked and the bedspread was covered in her fluids. She was finally coming down from her high as she locked eyes with him. He knew that look.

He moved his mouth to his daughter's ear. "Ready, baby?"

"Give it to me," Ella moaned.

He thrusted into her as deep as he could before allowing his incestuous seed to fill his daughter's womb. Every powerful burst from the tip of his cock sent shocks through his body. His body began to weaken as Ella squeezed him tighter, absorbing every drop that was sent far inside her.

"Get over here, Linda."

His wife slipped off the bed and moved next to her husband, waiting for instructions. He pointed at the floor below him. She dropped to her knees and patiently waited.

Jim let go of his daughter's hair and allowed her face to find the mattress again. This time his hand found his wife's head as he pulled her under his cock, and positioned her beneath their daughter. His penis slowly slid out of Ella and Linda promptly opened her mouth.

A river of cum poured from his daughter's tight pussy, and flowed between his wife's accepting lips.

Linda calmly waited as semen continued to drip from her daughter's pussy. Once she'd collected all of her husband's seed, she peered up to show him how much was inside. Her tongue was hidden under a thick sheet of white semen. She closed her mouth, took a deep gulp, and opened it to show the end result.

It was all gone.

Linda reached for her daughter's hand and led her out of the bedroom, toward the hallway bathroom to clean themselves.

Chapter 7 -- A Daddy Day.

Jim watched the two women in his life strut back into the bedroom a few moments later, cleaned up and still naked, and snuggle into his hold. He was lying flat on his back with his head on his pillows. To his left was his sexy, perfect, amazing wife. To his right was his perky, adorable, fairly perverted daughter. His hands brought them in closer as he felt both of their faces press against his chest.

Ella suddenly perked up and rested her chin on her father's pectoral muscle so she could look at Mom. "Did you tell Dad about my idea?"

"No," Linda answered.

"Have you thought about it?" she asked her mother.

"Yeah, I'm open to it," Linda told her.

Ella excitedly smiled. "Oh my God, Dad, I came up with the greatest idea ever!"

He stared down into her hypnotizing brown eyes and waited.

"A Daddy Day!"

His brow furrowed. "A what?"

"A Daddy Day!" she repeated. "Okay, so, you get your own day twice a year. Your birthday and father's day, right? But that isn't enough! You should have way more days dedicated to you!"

He started to laugh.

"I'm serious!" Ella firmly told him. "What day is the easiest for you? Like, what day could you maybe leave work early and stay up the latest?"

Jim took a moment to think. "Thursday is usually pretty light, so Wednesday would probably be the day I could stay up until whenever."

The teen looked over at her mother. "Do Wednesday's work for you?"

"Sure," she nodded.

"Awesome!" Ella smiled. "Okay, Dad, here's my idea. Every Wednesday is dedicated to you from now on. We call it 'A Daddy Day!'"

"That's the worst name ever," he laughed.

"No, it isn't!" Ella protested. "It's perfect. Because that's what it is! A Daddy Day!"

"And what exactly does A Daddy Day entail?" Jim asked.

Ella could barely contain her excitement. "Now, I'm open to ideas and suggestions, but this is the format I came up with. You need to do a few things before you go to bed on Tuesday night. First, you need to pick out two outfits for both Mom and myself. A morning outfit and an evening outfit. And they can be anything you want! Lingerie, tight pants, revealing dresses, costumes, literally anything!"

Jim was quickly jumping on board with his daughter's idea.

"Next, you need to write down what you want for breakfast and leave it on the kitchen table, because, Dad, when you wake up on Wednesday morning, Mom and I are going to be making whatever breakfast you requested while we're dressed in our morning outfits."

Yeah, Jim was fully on board now.

"And guess what we're going to do while you're eating?" she asked her dad.

Jim waited.

"We're going to suck your dick!"

He gulped.

"Mom and I are going to blow you the entire time you're eating," the young brunette continued with a big smile, "and then when you finish your breakfast, we're going to finish you!"

He glanced over at his wife who was smiling, but nowhere near as enthusiastically as his daughter.

"So, I go to school and you two go off to work for the day," Ella went on. "When you come home, you'll find both Mom and myself in our evening outfits cooking dinner. And dinner on A Daddy Day can't be something regular. It needs to be special! I'm thinking like steak, or lobster, or king crab legs or something."

"Yeah, I'm definitely up for that," he added.

"Awesome," said Ella. "We all eat dinner and then just hang out for a while and talk about our day. I mean, we always do that, but it's something special and we can't forget about it. Even on A Daddy Day!"

He shot both of his girls a smile.

"And then you can do whatever you want to the both of us for the rest of the night!" Ella cheered. "I have a whole list of ideas saved in my phone. We could play sex games, we could try having sex in oil—"

"Sex in oil," Jim jumped in. "I like that idea a lot."

She bit her lip while looking at her mother. "You would look so hot covered in oil."

Linda smiled before moving her eyes to her husband. "We all would."

"And have you ever tried anal?"

Both the parents turned their attention to their daughter with blank stares.

"I take that as a no," Ella laughed. "I haven't either. I'd love to though. I mean, I'd love to with Dad. Is that something you guys would want to do?"

Jim hesitantly peered down at his wife would had a skeptical expression on her face. "Maybe, sweetheart. Let's just take things slow."

"Okay, totally!" Ella agreed.

"And you said something about costumes earlier?" Jim asked.

His daughter's face lit up. "Yeah, costumes! Remember earlier when I said that I didn't have a lot of stuff on hand but I could throw a few things together?"

He nodded.

"I lied," Ella smirked. "Mom and I bought a bunch of stuff!"


"When we got our lingerie," she answered her dad. "We went shopping."

Linda smiled. "We might've gone a little crazy..."

"Crazy buying what?" he inquired. "Costumes?"

Ella nodded. "Tons of other stuff as well, but, yeah, we bought a lot of costumes. Oh! I had this amazing idea too. We could do role-play scenarios! Like, we could play parts and stuff. Maybe we could even write dialogue and act it out!"

Jim was trying to hold back his guffaw but couldn't any longer. Linda quickly lost control and joined in when she heard her husband laughing.

"I don't see what's so funny!" Ella huffed. "I'm trying to be serious here!"

"You want us to write and act out dialogue?" Jim laughed. "Really?"

She glared at Dad. "Okay, you tell me if this doesn't sound hot. I'm dressed like a schoolgirl and Mom's dressed like a teacher. I'm in detention because my grades are bad, and you, my dad, have to come in and talk to my teacher about it. Once Mom sees you, she quickly decides that the only way I can pass, is for you to fuck her. And guess what? I join in."

Jim eyebrows shot up as she smiled at his wife. "Pretty realistic, huh? You just can't get enough of this dick, can you?"

Linda rolled her eyes.

"Well, I think it's hot. The schoolgirl outfits we got are really sexy, and—"

"Wait, wait, wait, wait," Jim cut his daughter off. "You have schoolgirl outfits here? In the house?"

Ella nodded.

"Outfits?" Jim repeated. "Outfits, as in plural?"

Ella nodded again. "Yeah, Mom and I have matching schoolgirl outfits."

Jim's heart skipped a beat. "Describe them to me."

"White knee-high socks, short red and green plaid skirts, white button-up dress shirts, and these super cute plaid tees that match the skirts," she told him.

Jim was salivating again. "These outfits are currently inside this house?"

"Yeah, they're in my room," Ella answered.

He stared at her.

"Do you want to see 'em?" she asked.

Jim turned to his wife with a smile. "Do I want to see 'em? Do you believe this kid? Do I want to see 'em...?" He looked back at his daughter. "Of course I want to see 'em!"

Ella's eyes bulged. "When?"

"Now!" Jim loudly told her.

She jumped off the bed and pulled her mother with her. "Do you want us to put our hair in pigtails too?"

Jim started laughing. "Hmm, let's see here, do I want you to put your hair in pigtails? What do you think?"

Ella held her mother by the hand as she waited for the answer.

"Absofuckinlutely I want your hair in pigtails! Both of you!"

Ella pulled her mother out of her parents' bedroom in a hurry and booked down the hallway toward her room.

Jim took a deep breath and smiled. Twenty years. He did his best to be as happy and nice as he could for twenty years of a rather sexless marriage. He never complained, he never cheated, and he continued to love his wife as much as he possibly could. And then it all changed two months ago. But this was different. He no longer just had a sexually insatiable wife. He now had a daughter who seemingly possessed a relentless sex drive and it just so happened to be one hundred percent directed at him. And now the two most special women on the planet were changing into schoolgirl outfits just for him.

Hey, sometimes it pays to be the nice guy...

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